The Months in Emoji

Where are you up to? Enjoy the ride!
😍 Newly-Married.
😄 Wow, married life is fun.
😃 Still having a good time…
😊 Enjoying.
🙂 This is nice.
😏 Hang on – are we missing something?
🙄 Hmmm….
😮 Oh my, really?
😯 Wait, no!
😳 This is embarrassing.
😒 Wait, seriously it’s just us!
😔 Can’t believe it, is this for real?
😞 How sad!
🙁 Sinking pit sensation.
😓 Why us?
😦 Holler. Weep. Stomp feet.
😠 So not fair.
😣 Bah! I refuse to accept this challenge.
😑 Um. Ok, let’s just do it.
🤕 US, BW.
🤑 TX.
😰 TX after-effects.
😵TX after-effects full force.
😭 TX flop.
😷 More intense tx.
😬 Help.

🤔What now?

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