Yesterday, we did something brave. "Can we make name-tags?" I asked, only half-joking. "Absolutely," Sruli laughed, "quarterback one and quarterback two!" Not that I know enough about football to have fully gotten the joke, but I realized it had to do with our kvatter status, and presumably, was funny. With that and a wave, Sruli … Continue reading Kvatter

Unsung Heroes

To My Sister in Waiting, You know who you are, my unsung hero. From the outside, people admire your strength, and curiously wonder about the struggles you face. They don't understand you, don't understand the depth of you challenge. They try, as they cluck sympathetically and offer enlightening bits of unfiltered wisdom. Surely, if you … Continue reading Unsung Heroes

So There!

There's been a lot swirling around my head, as we recoup, rethink, and try to fortify ourselves for what's up ahead. Second opinions, third opinions, more testing, different meds, adjusted dosage, change of protocol... hang on, can we just breathe? Sometimes it feels like we're just treading water, trying to make sense of things while … Continue reading So There!