Rosh HaShana Reflections

We came in with a plan,
Optimistic and smug,
We had it planned to a T,
We knew what would work
-for sure it was this!
It would be over finally…
But we came out with nothing,
Aside from confusion,
Sadness, worry and despair,
And whatever we aimed for,
Just upped and out,
 – that was all we gained in there.

Instead of making progress,
We were pushed back 
to square one,
We thought we found hope,
We thought we’d succeed,
Sorrowfully, we did none.
Now standing empty,
We knock on Your door,
Hoping to glimpse just a peek,
It’s not a solution, 
a baby or cure,
It’s simply You that we seek.
And though it feels lonely,
In truth every year,
It’s something we all go through,
Whether in pain we know it,
Or we pretend and ignore, 
We all turn with nothing to You.
We all start off empty,
There’s no guarantees,
There’s no one who has less or more,
It’s starting anew, we’re all equal now,
No one can know what You have in store.
Does it hurt? Yes, it does,
It feels vulnerable too,
But isn’t that what it’s about?
Rosh HaShana we come,
Empty-handed, and so,
There’s nothing left but to cry out. 
I may realize it more,
You may realize it less,
But our situations are no different you see,
We’re in the same spot, with just one place to turn,
We both have only He.
Hashem, at this time,
When the world starts afresh,
And all the brachos are renewed,
Grant us the strength and all that we need,
To keep drawing closer to You.
Zeh Hashem Kivinu Lo,
May all our emptiness be filled,
Let us go from nothing, to having it all,
May all our tears be stilled! 
Upward always,



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