See that sweet neshama’le?
It twinkles in the sky,
And though it’s far away from me,
I know that it is mine.

I’m told I’m not the first one,
Mother of yet unborn,
Who looked upon the darkest night,
And hoped, yet gently torn…

While tonight I stand here empty,
Deep down I feel it strong,
One day those stars will reach my arms,
One day I will belong.

Until then, I gaze up,
As I watch the moon’s glow dip,
I think of those before me,
A prayer whispers on my lips.

I know my thoughts merge with my mothers’,
From many moons ago,
Together we dream, together believe,
It’ll happen one day, I know.

Like stars at night,
And multitudes,
Of smooth but grainy sand,
My children will grow great one day,
And spread throughout the land.

Until then, my dreams will glimmer
To my faith, I’m holding tight.
Thanks to our mothers who paved the way
– A pathway through the night

Upward always,

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