Why There’s No Tips (Yet)…

Every so often, I log in to WordPress and check on how this cute little blog is doing. (Okay, fine… like every-5-minutes-often) And every once in a while I wonder why the Tips section is blank. I mean, it’s there for a reason, right? So here’s a bit of info on why that went up in the first place, and a bit more info on why it’s blank. Maybe we can figure this out together.

Why It’s Up: It’s up because there are so many important things for an IFer, and particularly a frum one, to know. Like which wardrobe selections are most conducive to tznius while being practical, which procedures may cause bleeding, how to deal with kvatter and segulos, and and and…

Why It’s Empty: It’s empty because this blog is primarily for me, not you (sorry!) It’s empty because these topics are so delicate in so many ways, and I don’t want to compromise my sensitivities by one iota. It’s empty because I don’t want to be overly personal, should I choose to share my blog with my friends and family one day. And it’s empty because in terms of Halacha and medicine, there are Rabbanim, doctors, and organizations who are far more competent than I. I’ve seen how online forums are so quick to spread misinformation, dull our feelings for kedusha (a separate bi-product of IF, more on that later, be”H!) and often mislead people in areas of halacha and practical medicine. And I don’t want to have people fall into that trap by reading what I personally found helpful, in my personal situation.

On the Other Hand… Can there be a middle ground, somehow? How do you feel? Maybe one day the Tips will fill up, but for now I’m left wondering…

3 thoughts on “Why There’s No Tips (Yet)…

    • So see, you have plenty to share with us. Those were great, and going through the infertility wringer myself, I recognize them as so true! We want more!

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