5 Tips on 2WW

I’m baaack! Excuse the intermission please, sadly was down and out with a nasty virus. Compounded with the fact that I’d been on enough meds to kill a horse, well, you could imagine what the outcome felt like… So, aside from my return to the blogosphere, today coincides with yet another auspicious event. Because today takes place during the absolutely most relaxing time of month – our much loved two week wait! Now, for some tips: (not necessarily in order of importance)

  1. Know What’s Normal! Before the official count begins get the full rundown on what to expect. Familiarize yourself with possible side effects, and ask your doctor / nurses at what point you’d need to get checked in. This way you can (kinda) avoid obsessing over every ache and pain, since you’ll have a heads up re what’s normal and what’s not. That’ll help you keep safe physically, and hopefully, emotionally sound to boot.
  2. Hey, is that snow? aka distract yourself! At all costs. No matter what. Do the hora, pick your nose, go out for lattes, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Whatever. Just keep busy.
  3. Balance Your Mindset. Psyche yourself up. Daven hard, envision it working. But realize that our emunah is not contingent on the outcome, that it can (will?!)  happen even if it this cycle it doesn’t, and it’s okay for it not to be okay should it fail.
  4. Balance Your Actions. You can wear warm and fuzzy socks, eat pineapple core, and stand on your head. Be my guest. But don’t guilt yourself or freak out if you “forget” for half a second, and mistakenly turn the shower (not bath! gasp) too hot. Seriously. In the long run, this is all hishtadlus – if it makes you feel good, that’s okay, but not when it starts giving you anxiety.
  5. Hang in There! Remember that these two weeks will pass, for better or for worse. You will be getting your answer before you know it. Enjoy the break from appointments (if that applies) and try and take it easy… gam ze yaavor. You can do it.

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