Dream a Dream…

Honeysuckle scented breath,
Baby powdered toes,
Tiny fingers, rosebud lips,
And eyes that twinkle so.

The charm and joy that wash away,
The pain, those tear-filled days,
Snuggled warm, safe and pure,
At last, mine – here to stay…

Sweet dream of mine, I hold you close,
Securely tucked within,
I clutch you through the hardest times,
While battered by the winds.

And trudging through a sea of “no”s
While fighting the despair,
I sometimes think I almost hear,
Your giggles in the air…

Apart of me throughout it all,
The light that beckons “come,”
Who says to me “keep trying, still”
My child, you’re the one.

One day you’ll live inside my arms,
Not just my heart and mind,
And then we’ll laugh, together say,
“we knew it, all this time”

Till then I carry you inside,
My to-be-dream-come-true,
From your mother  – who wishes, waits, and loves,
And won’t ever stop dreaming of you.

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