Chanukah Reflections

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Too busy not to post, not per se time-wise, but mostly due to a lack of headspace. It’s a toss up of emotions, and yet we barely have time to process it all as we run from appointment to appointment, keeping track of meds, clearing insurance, and arranging our schedules. Above all, deep down, we keep hoping for our Chanukah miracle. It’ll happen one day, I know, and we keep praying that now is the time.

And isn’t that what it’s all about? Miracles. Just last year Chanukah we received the all clear from oncology. The bumps, the elevated blood-work – it all turned out to be nothing. After countless tests, meetings with the surgeon, doctors, and above all – fear, we were being given a free pass. Just like that.

But is a day spent in humdrum routine less of a miracle? True, we’re back at the hospital this year, but isn’t that a miracle in and of itself? We’ve made it through another year, sustained by nothing short of His chessed alone. Hashem is crafting our journey for us with care, and every step along the way is, in some way or another, miraculous. It’s no wonder that Chanukah falls out in the winter (at least wherever I’ve ever lived!) It’s during these times of darkness that the role of light becomes most significant in our lives.

The light – our Light, is there, waiting for us. Do we have what it takes to let it in? Sing modeh ani, and thank Him for your insurance next time you take a shot. Recognize that your ability to hope, connect, and even mourn, is all a gift from Him. Connect to the Ohr HaTorah with your favourite vort. Tap into the ner mitzvah by stepping out of your comfort zone for the sake of your friend, work mate, or spouse. We have so much to give and so much to gain.

See how the light slowly penetrates, how by allowing Him into our day, our lives take on a whole new meaning. It’s during times of darkness that we need it most.

May we all be zoche to our Chanukah miracles soon.

A freylichen Chanukah,
Upward always,

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